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A tree stump can look like an attractive feature in a garden but beneath its rustic charm can lay potential trouble. If the stump is in an area of the lawn that doesn’t see much use, it can be safe to leave it there. However, if it is near other trees, in an area where there’s more footfall or where you would like to renovate, it will need to be removed. Stump Removal Services have been offering tree cutting and stump grinding services successfully in Evesham for many years. We have built a reputation as the number one stump removal firm in the Midlands.

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    Skilled, Reliable Tree Surgeon in Evesham

    We believe that the customer always comes first. Our focus will always be on delivering a high-standard service that meets all your expectations. We have many years of experience as arborists and in stump grinding around Evesham, and are qualified to City and Guilds standard. We are also CSCS approved, which means that we can work on commercial land. We pride ourselves on the job we do and will leave your lawn in a perfect state ready for you to use.

    The Advantages Of Stump Removal

    If left in the ground, tree stumps can present several issues. They can be a trip hazard if they are low to the ground. They can also make it challenging to maintain your lawn and install paving or a patio. Finally, if they are rot infested, they can begin to damage the other trees in the garden; therefore, stump removal will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space fully.

    Stump removal and tree cutting is our speciality and our passion. If you live in Evesham and would like to know more about our services, talk to us and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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