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At Stump Removal Services, we provide a first-class stump grinding, stump removal and tree cutting service in the Cotswolds. Our team of City and Guilds trained arborists have a wealth of experience and knowledge of tree care and stump removal and deliver a professional and efficient service every time.

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    Why stump grinding is necessary

    If you’ve removed a tree in your garden because it was causing an obstruction, was diseased or blocking valuable sunlight, you may not have removed the whole stump. Leaving the tree stump in place can cause disease to spread to other plants in the garden and attract unwanted pests, not to mention being an unsightly hindrance that can cause someone to trip and fall. A professional stump grinding team must remove the entire stump for these reasons.

    How our service works

    We operate modern petrol-powered grinders that are regularly maintained to remove the stump effectively and reduce it to sawdust. When the stump is gone, we can fill the hole with mulch or any suitable material you wish to use. For commercial work, we are CSCS approved, enabling us to work on active construction sites.

    Our tree cutting service is equally methodical. By felling the tree in sections, starting from the outside and working in, we can safely and quickly cut trees and remove the stump to allow you to enjoy your garden however you choose.

    Why choose Stump Removal Services?

    We are a friendly and professional team of tree care specialists who emphasise excellent customer service and affordable pricing. Our collective values to help preserve a sustainable environment mean we recycle up to 99% of the waste created by our work and always leave the customer’s garden in immaculate condition. For more information on any of our services, contact our team today.

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