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A tree stump located in the middle of a lawn can be present several potential problems. It can make it awkward to mow the grass, be a trip hazard, begin to rot and infect other areas of the garden or be unsightly. There are various methods for removing tree stumps and Stump Removal Services based in Gloucester are specialists in the efficient removal of stumps. For many years they have been using the stump grinding method to expertly extract stumps from properties in Gloucester and the surrounding areas.

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    We will undertake work on any size of tree stump, no matter how small or large. More substantial stumps will require tree cutting. We will cut the stump in sections using a chainsaw to make it easier for the next stage, stump grinding. When the stump is a manageable size, we will use our state-of-the-art stump grinding machine to eat away at the stump, gradually reducing it to wood chips. The hole left behind can then be backfilled to ground level with either mulch or wood chips.

    Experienced Tree Surgeons for Gloucester

    Stump Removal Services are an experienced team of arborists that possess vast knowledge of trees and stump removal. We strive to be the premier stump grinding and removal service in the Midlands and are City and Guilds trained in Forestry and Arboriculture. We have full insurance in case of any accidents giving you peace of mind that you’re hiring a team of experts.

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    We place enormous value on the importance of excellent customer service. We always treat every job with the same level of care and diligence, which is a reason why customers return to us time again. We are competitively priced and can often quote on site. If you live in the Gloucester area and have any requirement for tree cutting or stump removal, then we are the number one choice for stump grinding.

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